Calling All Patrons: I'm Heading to Portland for the American Cheese Societies Certified Cheese Professional Exam July 22nd

Your contributions directly support the tireless work I pour into this media as I pursue academic, epicurean, and

Currently I am saving to take the CCP (Certified Cheese Professional) exam this July in Portland, Oregon at the 2020 American Cheese Society Conference

Application Processing Fee: $35.00
Exam Fee: $650.00
TOTAL FEE: $685.00

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The City of Roses Part II: Sights

With Portland’s philosophical temperament, insane amount of breweries (something like 71) , and solid, mellow vibes it’s hard to break away from the inner city. Yet, when you manage to, the surrounding areas contain an abundance of natural beauty. Moving away from the bells and whistles of city life, the call of the wild echoes from…

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