Calling All Patrons: I'm Heading to Portland for the American Cheese Societies Certified Cheese Professional Exam July 22nd

Your contributions directly support the tireless work I pour into this media as I pursue academic, epicurean, and

Currently I am saving to take the CCP (Certified Cheese Professional) exam this July in Portland, Oregon at the 2020 American Cheese Society Conference

Application Processing Fee: $35.00
Exam Fee: $650.00
TOTAL FEE: $685.00

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On Arabic Sweets and the Middle East: Kunafa

All of these things are true… I had been in Jordan for several weeks and my love affair with Arabian sweets had reached a lofty peak. In fact, I would begin and end each day with a platter of pastries, smothered in honeys and syrups that would flood through heaps of pistachios on my plate. Then it happened… I…

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