Hey, I’m Nicholas, you probably know that already. 

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Writer, thinker, hopeless poet and most importantly a student of life embracing the quirks, the quandaries, and curiosities that make us human. 

Oh, Education:
I’m launching this campaign as my semester comes to a close. Eyes turned eastward, dreaming of snowcapped mountains and ancient monasteries, cultural exchanges and roads less traveled. My plan is to continue pursuing Asian Studies and begin teaching ESL and working humanitarian projects — my studies go hand in hand with outreach programs and volunteer work. 

The Web-Series: 
So this bit is particularly exciting. Additionally, I’m launching an educational series of webcasts, vlogs, and pods, on the cultures, foods, customs, traditions, and experiences from the places I visit. Think of it as a highly integrated travel blog. Full of interesting and meaningful information.

Your generous contributions will be allotted to fees associated with the educational program in which I am accepted – aiming for Dharma Realm University.

As a student, I am at the mercy and entirely dependent upon the financial generosity of others — for which I am endlessly grateful.

I’ve run a successful website for nearly six years now. Whew! As a writer, archaeologist, and former travel blogger. All the while striving to publish my debut novel — a novel about life, love, loss, and searching for meaning throughout the Middle East — during the Arab Spring. An emotional rollercoaster, full of wild romps, heartache, and all that delicious adventure we seek in a good story.

Look, I understand this is an absurdly individualistic request. And I am no way under the impression that I am owed, or deserving of asking for financial assistance. But I just wanted to go out on this limb and be open, honest about my financial setbacks and take this next step towards achieving my dreams. So here I am, slightly -very- embarrassed and asking for your help, from the bottom of my heart, to support these dreams so that I can become a participant in the global peace process. So that I can deepen my studies/understanding of Eastern Philosophy, mindfulness, and language at the University level. All with the intention of bringing it full circle and sharing every morsel and lovely detail along the way. 

Thank you for your time and consideration. I am an open book, read me. If you have any comments, thoughts, or want to connect otherwise I’d love to get to know you! 
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