These are the book, works in Progress, and manuscripts that keep me up at night in a delirium depths of hopelessness and thoughts of elation. I am currently seeking representation.

  • Between the Sun and Us (novel): This is my current project for which I have a working manuscript and am seeking representation.
  • The Book of Names: Poetry and Essays: “Bougainvillea.” Say it with me Bo Gain Vee A. Taste the movements. The rhythms. The Book of Names, a narrative poem in which these sounds, along with their fields of meaning, how they came to be, and most importantly, where they’re going all collide in retelling of Western Creation stories. This is a tribute to the world of language. And our ability to put the world into motion. So think about it, What world, what love, what histories lie in the fields of language, among the blossoms in a name, a word, a movement of the lips to produce sound. 
  • Middle Bohemia (memoir + travels pt. 1): Mexico – Kansas City
  • Everything Zen (memoir + travels pt. 2): Southern Texas – Mexico
  • The Rug Slinger (ya fantasy + potential graphic novel): A New Arabian Night.
  • It Takes a Village, and Other Cautionary Tales (the grimmest children’s tales): Short stories surrounding rather disturbing circumstances, the sort of which are meant to keep you up at night!
  • Mondo Bizarro (a novella/war criticism): Set in the vast wastelands of Northern Africa, Mondo Bizarro is the hilarious tale of two soldiers falling in love. The catch? One’s a Spanish rebel and the other is the NAZI sent to hunt him down.
  • Harvest Moon (a novel):  A supernatural piece set in Northern Scotland. A deliciously spicy cauldron of with three not-so-simple ingredients: modern witch covens, haunting blood rituals, and the anachronistic state church. This is a tale of gory murders. Of mysterious clues left by our intentional and most egomaniacal killer. Of the pains and blessings of tradition. Throw Detective McGregor into the mix and this is sure to be a wild, esoteric ride.  And did I mention the necromancy?
  • Congratulations On Your Funeral: A Divine Comedy (retelling of Dante’s Divine Comedy)
  • Nanny-Nanny Baba (A Satire on xenophobia, prejudice and religion.)
  • The Muse & the Misanthropist (a novel)


The Wonderful World of US: Children’s series on world cultures, the smallest to the largest. From Amazonian Tribes to Cantonese.


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