Invocation (Poem): Will you embark upon our honeyed rendezvous?


We are

Granular stars, a celestial remark


Demeter and thyme

A cornucopia buried inside…

You are, underground

Illumination, hive mind set free

Vibrations, the breeze

Oh, the buzz-buzz of the bees.


Will you embark upon our honeyed rendezvous?

Will you drink this strange brew? 

Inhale the perfumery of day glow grain?

Heed the invitation East?

For the goddess sings, and

The Oracle of time, umami and sweet, has brought you to me.

So take this invitation. Roam. Let’s rove to the land of the rising sun. 

Hunt. Breathe in, sensual eclipse of epicurean delights.

Published by Nicholas Andriani

Writer • Poet • Educator • #英語教師 Food, Folklore & Pop Culture in Japan. Part-time Cheesemonger Asian Studies + English + 日本語 @mizzou

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