Welcome to the Floating World

Nicholas Andriani

Welcome to Ukiyo, the Floating World. I’m in final stages of relaunching my website furnished with an entirely new interface and a fresh approach which i’m thrilled to share with you.

Throughout 2020, beyond its obviously dreamlike texture of this unsettling year, I found myself returning to the University of Missouri to pursue a degree in Japanese and Literary studies, intent on a career in translation, comparative literature, and Japanese language. With this i’ve decided to revamp my website as mosaic of musings from my research. This ranges from the artistic and cultural movements of Japan and East Asia throughout history. And what an immense privilege to share this journey with you. Until then explore the archive and be sure to sign up to my mailing list so we can stay in contact.

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But wait, WHAT even is this “Floating World”you speak…

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By Nicholas Andriani

Writer • Poet • Educator • #英語教師
Food, Folklore & Pop Culture in Japan.
Part-time Cheesemonger
Asian Studies + English + 日本語 @mizzou

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