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オムレツ – Omurice: Japan’s Notoriously Indulgent Rice-Filled Omelet

Oh, the omelet. A once and always favorite of we humans, enjoyed since time immemorial. With such a longstanding history you’d think we would have tried it all: Enter Japanese Omelet-Rice.

Oh, the omelet. A once and always favorite of we humans, enjoyed since time immemorial. With such a longstanding history you’d think we would have tried it all. I mean, what is an omelet but last nights leftovers with an egg (or in my case 3 or 4) cracked over their morning after reverie? And yet when I first encountered omurisu (omirice) I had a genuine, heartfelt WTF moment. The contents are few, like most Japanese cooking, it’s an art of reduction. You take minced beef, onions, carrots, peppers, and potatoes, preferably (Japanese potato word) Contains salt, pepper, a dollop of ketchup sauce. Can you “dollop” ketchup? That feels too refined, let’s say “glob.” And, yes, a glob of ketchup.

今日は、オムレツです – 中身は 牛ミンチ肉と玉葱、人参、ピーマン、じゃがいもが – 入っています 味付けは塩、胡椒とケチャップソースです



牛ミンチ 肉        120g
卵               3個
玉葱              1/2個
人参              1/4本
ピーマン            1個
じゃがいも           1個
牛乳              大匙2
塩、胡椒            少々

ケチャップ           大匙3
ウスターソース        大匙1
ブイヨンスープ         大匙2


Minced beef 120 g
Eggs 3
1/2 onion
Carrot 1/4
1 bell pepper
1 potato
Milk 2 tablespoons

Salt, pepper
Ketchup 3 tbsp.
Worcestershire sauce 1 tbsp.
Bouillon soup 2 tablespoons

 2.フライパンに油をひき じゃがいも、人参と入れて
   よく炒めます じゃがいもに火がとおれば一度
   戻しいれ 塩、胡椒で味をつけます
 5.全てに火がとおれば 別皿にとります
 7.箸で混ぜ、半熟になったころに 具を真ん中に入れます


How to make

  1. Chopped onions, peppers, carrots, potatoes
    Cut into 1 cm squares
  2. Add oil to a frying pan and add potatoes and carrots.
    Fry well once the potatoes are on fire
    Pick up on a plate
  3. In the same frying pan, add minced beef and loosen it over low heat.
    Stir fry
  4. If the color of the minced meat changes, set it to medium heat and add peppers and onions.
    When the onions became transparent, the carrots and potatoes mentioned earlier
    Put it back and season it with salt and pepper.
  5. If everything is on fire, take it on a separate plate.
  6. Wipe the frying pan clean and add the vegetable oil.
    Pour a mixture of milk and eggs
  7. Mix with chopsticks and put the ingredients in the middle when it is half-boiled.
  8. Wrap the egg from both ends to cover the ingredients and serve on a plate.
  9. Cover the omelet with kitchen paper and attach the shape by hand.
  10. Put 2 tablespoons of bouillon soup in a frying pan and bring to a boil.

Add with ketchup and Worcestershire sauce and mix. It’s done over the omelet


By Nicholas Andriani

Writer • Poet • Educator • #英語教師
Food, Folklore & Pop Culture in Japan.
Part-time Cheesemonger
Asian Studies + English + 日本語 @mizzou

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