Join Me and the Boy that Lived: Daniel Radcliffe Reads Harry Potter

That’s right. If you haven’t heard, Pottermore will host a reading of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in it’s entirely, chapter by chapter. This delightfully soaring cast includes non-other than Daniel Radcliffe, along with a myriad cast of others you know and love (Stephen Fry, etc.)

Follow the link below to check it out, and rest assured i’ll be there every step of the way.

I hope this finds you well. That somehow in the bleakness and muck, the uncertainty of this strange moment, that you’ve found a silver lining. Something unexpected. Some kind of magic.

Join Daniel Radcliffe and co. on a journey through the Wizarding World, from that fateful day of November 1st, 1981 to… well, I certainly hope that radiant moment so many years later. Platform 9 3/4, you know the one, where the saga comes to an end… er, pause… 😉



Published by Nicholas Andriani

Multi-genre writer and explorer with a background in archaeology. Currently diving into memoir, literary fiction and children's books.

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