The Holy Gorge of Agiofarago: Travel the Greek Island of Crete.

It was our second day on Crete when Jaclyn and I set out for Agiofarago, the “Gorge of Saints”, which is a rugged 40km (24 miles) from our ecolodge, Eleonas.  With our crude sense of directions and wrong turns we came to the end of the road.

No signage, no markers, just a dark expanse of sea.

But sure enough, an old footpath.



With a leap of faith we park our rental and descend down the overgrown footpath, follow the winding trail. Swaying between oleanders and stray goats



The Chapel of Agios Antonios. This 15th century structure lies atop a cave where pilgrims have worshipped since the land was colonized. Outside the monastery you can find an ancient well and a maintained rock garden. Supposedly, within the gorge can be found an ancient Minoan tomb.


Finally, the canyon opens. Crashing waves and that unrivaled salty air blowing in from the Libyan Sea.



I could spend a lifetime, drunken on the sea breeze, lost among these islands of Minotaurs and Men.