In My Heart of Hearts, I Will Always Love You. | An Open Love Letter, Deep in Memoir: The Boy Meets World, the Conflicted Future Self.

“My sudden love of these two women came into existance upon two separate planes of thought: like the inner improvisation of a jazz troupe, somehow merging into one cosmic dream.

Like a split in the multiverse that is the self.

Shay. Shay is stability. Comfort. Success.
Whereas Ingrid. Ingrid claims the part of me which belongs to the world. A manifestation of my desire to roam freely and simply be.

But, I know in my heart of hearts these two worlds can not coexist.

For they, separately, are everything. Yet together, in the folds of life, they cancel each other out.”

–In Another Country



  1. Thank you for the Like on our recent post, especially so that we know you now. Or know your site & and what you’re saying. We’ve both been on the road most of our lives, entirely so since we met many years ago, so we can follow your journey with some sympathy. As the French say, “bonne route”!


    1. They must. Perhaps this trait is what drives the action of travel? Always open, always searching from the heart?

      Thank you for commenting. That’s comforting to hear — our emotionally taxed selves are not alone!


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