Sufi Wisdom

There are times throughout the week when I can use a little inspiration. This is often when I turn to the Sufi master Jalal ud-din Rumi, better known as Rumi. His unique vision of Islam really speaks to me. I've recently picked up water coloring and felt the urge to render this portrait, to capture … Continue reading Sufi Wisdom

On The Hagia Sophia

Istanbul, Turkey This is the day. When we siege the Hagia Sophia. From the rooftop of our Pension i'm fixated on the pink-ochre minarets visible just over the rooftops of our neighbors. All the while, stuffing my face on the complimentary hard-boiled egg and melon breakfast, desperate to get into the museum before the rush … Continue reading On The Hagia Sophia

Sketching Sights: Hagia Sophia

Istanbul, Turkey Stay tuned for next weeks post on my visit to the Hagia Sophia. A little history, modern romanticism, photos... all that good stuff. Yallah, bye!

The Strait of Gibraltar: Part I

Despite the spell Marrakech cast on me (I fled the city only to return on several occasions) I managed to break away one night on a whim, buying a ticket for the overnight train to Tangiers, only leaving myself 2 hours to prepare. I bid farewell to new friends and set out on foot hoping to … Continue reading The Strait of Gibraltar: Part I