Welcome to the Floating World

Welcome to the Floating World

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This site is dedicated to the myriad cultures of our world. To explore the crossroads of literature, folklore, and virtual communities. To step into liminal space.

My purpose is twofold:
1) To share my research – currently pre-Modern Japanese literature, Shinto, and the digital media.

2) To learn from you. To encounter your traditions. Your stories. Your passions. Your questions. All which fill our lives with meaning.

This is a celebration of human culture and all that makes us strange and mysterious. We are not binary critters scrambling for this or that but expressions of everything all at once.

Discover the Floating World

Engage with people, cultures, traditions and landscapes. We’ll explore everything from the literary traditions to food culture. Gaming communities, rites of passage, beliefs – our scope is wide and inclusive.

Ongoing Research at The University of Missouri

-Symphony for the Level-
Performance, Ritual, Uncanny Kami, and Emergent Modes of Virtual Religion in Japan

As a Gilman scholar, I am presently analyzing festivals and phenomenonology in Japanese culture. These traditions express Japan’s endurance. An inclusive worldview that marries disparate ontologies with remarkable sustainability. The global hunger for Japanese content reveals an urgent need for new and cosmological entertainment as expressed across various digital media. I am particularly interested in meeting of various ontologies. How they interact: inform & reform one another. From the Buddhist elements of Breath of the Wild, to Kami conjuring in Pokémon.

Let’s be real, it’s not like I wouldn’t be doing this in my free time anyway!

Critically Curious

Ask Questions

Be Patient

Don’t Project

And, do I have to say it? Don’t Drink and Drive.


This site is a work in progress and unfinished as of September 2021. Please ignore the construction site below!

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About Me

I am a student at the University of Missouri researching East Asian Languages and Literature.


My nose is presently in the Books… so dusty